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Where was Reggie Moore this weekend?

Reggie Moore was in Seattle this weekend doing something particularly noteworthy. For those of you not from around the area, each year NBA stars and talented alumni from four Seattle area schools gather for the Adonai Hood Classic. The Hood Classic is a small tournament of what amount to pickup games, with some of the most talented rosters you'll see short of the NBA. This year it included Rainier Beach, Franklin, Seattle Prep, and the hosts, Garfield.

The event showcases just how much talent comes out of the Seattle area. The amount of talent in Seattle is staggering (thanks for taking away our franchise Clay Bennett and the NBA). The invited rosters and alumni in attendance are a who's who of NBA players. Nate Robinson, Brandon Roy, Spencer Hawes, Jason Terry, and Jamal Crawford were among those in attendance, either playing or coaching.

The tie-in to WSU comes from Ken Bone (Shorecrest alum) and his attempts to make inroads into Seattle. A couple recruits from these schools would go a long way for the Cougs.

The Hood Classic is also an important community event in Seattle. Kids from around the area are able to see their favorite stars -- stars that grew up in the same place they did -- up close and personal. The players all make it a point to speak with the youngsters and teach them about staying out of trouble and do things the right way. Many of these guys are role models, whether they realize it or not.

Moore's participation in the event is very commendable. Giving back to his community -- while getting to have some fun in the process -- casts himself and WSU in a good light. Congrats to Moore for the invitation and props for taking the time to return home and set an example for the kids in Seattle.

For more on the Adonai Hood Classic, see Nate Parham's storysteam at SBNation Seattle.