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MORNING PAPER: Conference expansion edition

There's been a ridiculous number of stories concerning expansion and WSU this morning. The media machine is ramping up in advance of the conference media tour and unveiling of the new branding coming tomorrow, so expect to see a lot of these things this week. It all leads into the first set of Pac-10 conference meetings on July 30th.

  • Pac-10 expansion: Previewing the division debate (Part II: football, football, football) | College Hotline
    Officials for the Pac-10 will gather Friday in Los Angeles to discuss the most contentious issue related to expansion: How to divide the 12-team league. Jon Wilner previews the football debate with quotes from Athletic Directors around the conference. Bill Moos also takes a shot at UW, which is always fun.
  • Pac-10 expansion: Previewing the division debate (Part I: basketball, baseball, softball, etc.) | College Hotline
    While football is the engine that drove the Pac-10 to expansion, the rest of the sports want to make sure they're getting a good deal out of it too. One coach wants to play a round robin format in basketball, with 22 conference games. How do they come up with these things?
  • PAC-10 Conference
    The Pac-10 is relaunching its website tomorrow in conjunction with the first stop of a whirlwind media tour for coaches and conference executives. It all starts in New York tomorrow, before moving to ESPN headquarters in Bristol and Los Angeles for the typical media day. This is what Larry Scott does best.
  • New Pac-10 logo and football video - Pac-10 Blog - ESPN
    The new logo and a market video were at the links Miller provided for about an hour. Then the Pac-10 realized every writer that covers Pac-10 teams had linked to it and pulled the video. There can't be any way we could've known what the new logo looked like before today, could there?
And now, for some WSU related news.