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About that basketball schedule ...

If you got all excited about the release of the basketball schedule today, you're just going to have to wait another week for the official version.

It turns out that today's "release" was premature because of a miscommunication between WSU and the company that manages its athletics website. A spokesperson for WSU has informed us that the schedule is not finalized and could potentially have a couple of "major changes" between now and when it's officially released next week. Since there's a chance the schedule could turn out to be inaccurate, we decided to take it down.

What those potential "major changes" are, we don't know. Here's what we do know about the schedule:

Here's what else we can surmise using some common sense:

  • The Pac-10 portion of what we had up was likely correct. The conference put that thing together long ago in terms of travel weekends -- evidenced by the fact that at least one Pac-10 team has already released its schedule -- and the only change that might happen there would be moving something to a Friday or Sunday to accommodate television. That sort of thing could still be up in the air, I suppose. But I doubt it.

    EDIT: As pointed out below by SDCoug, the Huskies have already released their schedule. So, you ought to be able to just flip-flop the games.
  • WSU will play Gonzaga sometime in the first half of December. Finals week starts on the13th, and with the Diamond Head Classic coming up after that, it would make sense to play the Zags in the first two weeks of the month.
  • EDIT2: The Cougar Hardwood Classic will most likely be on Nov. 23 at KeyArena as the schedule said -- the event's Facebook page (thanks again, SDCoug) has that date listed, although it doesn't specify the opponent. I won't put it in the "for sure" category, but that's about as close as it gets without official confirmation.

So, while that schedule wasn't official, probably the only things truly up in the air are a handful of nonconference games. We'll find out next week.