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Pac-10 media poll

Usually the most entertaining part of the Pac-10 media day is the release of the media poll. Ted Miller brings us the 2010 edition.

  1. Oregon (15)... 314
  2. USC (12)... 311
  3. Oregon State (3)... 262
  4. Stanford (1)... 233
  5. Arizona (2)... 222
  6. Washington (1)...209
  7. California... 175
  8. UCLA (1)... 134
  9. Arizona State... 81
  10. Washington State... 39
  • Seven teams took first place votes. This conference is stacked once again.
  • I'm not sure who voted for UCLA, but they're either a genius or confused the Bruins for their big brother. 
  • The top two teams are pretty entrenched, but 3-7 are up in the air. Throwing those names in a hat and picking them out could end up being more accurate than this by the end of the season.
  • WSU wasn't unanimously voted last. Progress!
  • USC is bowl ineligible this year. The national media also won't allow them in the top 25 poll. Therefore, all of their media poll votes should go to the Cougs.
  • This is a media poll. It doesn't matter. It's fun fodder, but championships -- or last place finishes -- don't happen on paper.
  • Along those lines, Miller brings us this: "Arizona, Oregon and Stanford each had ninth-place votes as well as first-place votes." The media is awesome.