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Pac-10, Big Ten at the Rose Bowl to start the season?

Larry Scott continues to bring fresh ideas to the table. In an interview with College Football Talk, Scott floats the idea of kicking off the season with a Big Ten vs. Pac-10 game in Pasadena.

"The Pac-10 has a tradition of playing some really tough out-of-conference games early on," Scott said. "We love the Rose Bowl relationship. ...

"There's a lot to think through. I would only want to do it if it wouldn't tarnish what it means to play in the Rose Bowl. This is hallowed turf."

Scott is continuing to think outside the box in promoting the Pac-10 product. A game at the Rose Bowl between the traditional conference pairing would draw plenty of interest and put the focus on the west coast to start the season.

The TV money to be made from this? Huge. Networks would be jumping at the chance to host a meaningful non-conference game between two power conferences.

From a sponsorship standpoint, this game could be marketed like a bowl game. Ads and sponsorships would command a premium, lining the pockets of the Pac-10 and Big Ten teams.

I'm more convinced than ever that Larry Scott has the marketing savvy to take the Pac-10 to the next level.