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WSU FALL CAMP: Day 2 Roundup

Day two is in the books, and the story lines are as predictable today as they were yesterday. I don't think there's much to be gleaned there. As Vince Grippi reports on his blog, yesterday was a day to work on stuff that wasn't great on day one. He also tries to temper expectations a bit this morning.

Remember, people: This team was so far behind the rest of the conference, even if this team is substantially better, it might not be enough to win games.

Film helps WSU teach - SportsLink - - Aug. 9, 2010
Just what did WSU correct on its second day of practice? "No. 1 on defense, just the ability to have everyone run to the football, finish all their plays," Wulff said. "I thought that was much improved with our defense. Offensively, catching the ball and making a few plays. And just operating at a crisper tempo. All those things were a step better today."

Looking at WSU's camp - SportsLink - - Aug. 10, 2010
After just two practices some things are obvious. The younger players are a year older, helping to bridge that experience gap that was so wide last season. There are new, athletic recruits in key spots. Depth is improved. But … ya, there are a lot of "buts". … This team is still young. The new recruits have yet to compete at the major college level and despite how good they look in practice, that’s a whole different animal.

Also, after the jump, you'll find a pair of videos via First and Crimson. One is full of highlights, the other another interview with Paul Wulff.