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SOCCER: No. 21 WSU Kicks Off Against No. 6 Florida State

We're going to try and do a little more with the (for lack of a better term) non-revenue sports around here, and that starts with noting that the 21st-ranked soccer team -- fresh off back-to-back NCAA Tournament appearances -- starts its season at home today against No. 6 Florida State in the WSU Invitational.

The day begins with Gonzaga and Utah playing at noon, with WSU-FSU to follow at 3 p.m. So all you students who have moved in and are waiting for school to start on Monday, I can't think of a better way to spend this sunny Pullman afternoon than watching some soccer. Admission is even free!

You're probably not that familiar with the team, so after the jump I've embedded a couple of videos that come courtesy of Craig Lawson at WSU Sports Information. One is a preview of the season, the other an interview with newcomer Rachael Doyle -- another Coug from Australia.

You can also read all about the first weekend here, and watch a video of highlights from last year here.