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Naked Oregon State Lineman Charges Cops, Gets Tased

Here at Washington State, we've had our share of dumb crimes over the years. Xavier Hicks put rubbing alcohol in a roommate's contact solution, then promptly was arrested driving away from jail with a suspended license. Andy Mattingly also once used a frying pan as a weapon. I bring these up because Oregon State may have just won the offseason arrest of the year award.

When officers arrived, they ordered him to get on the ground several times, but he refused.

Then Thomas, who had reportedly been drinking, got into a "three-point stance" and lunged at the officers, who Tased him.

Naked 300 pound lineman? Check. Naked 300 pound lineman in a three-point stance? Double check. Naked 300 pound lineman firing out of said three-point stance and promptly being tased by the police? Give that man an award.

Needless to say, Oregon State is one lineman short this season after Tyler Thomas' performance of epic proportions this weekend.

Here's to you, Mr. Thomas. You take extracurricular training to a whole new level.