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WSU NEWS LINKS: Mike Marlow Joins the Fold

Good morning CougCenter brethren! We asked yesterday if you wanted to see a daily linkpost. By an overwhelming 87% majority, the people have spoken and they want their links! That percentage leads me to believe some of you were confusing the web link with another sort of, more delicious, link.

So here you are folks, some of the more interesting stuff coming out of the Cougarsphere. Remember, readers are encouraged to post any links they find interesting in the comments. Share the wealth!

WSU's offensive line holds the key - SportsLink - - Aug. 23, 2010
Something had to change. Almost everything did. Out was line coach Harold Etheridge after two years. In was veteran Steve Morton, a former Cougar. Out, besides Alfred, were three former off-and-on starters, two victims of career-ending injuries, one to the CFL. In were two junior college transfers and a prized freshman, athletic but inexperienced. Positions were jumbled, roles changed, schemes revamped.

Washington State Adds Mike Marlow to Senior Administrative Staff - WASHINGTON STATE OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE
"Mike Marlow is considered by many, including myself, as one of the premier administrators in college athletics," said Moos. "He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that will prove to be most beneficial to our efforts to move Washington State athletics forward." While Marlow is returning to his alma mater, this will not be his first association with Moos. The two have strong ties dating back to 1991 when Moos hired Marlow at the University of Montana, and then seven years later secured his services again at Oregon.

DT Antwaun Woods and USC highlight Pac-10 recruiting - ESPN
There are signs of life that indicate this program is improving on the recruiting trail and the top half of the Cougars' class is reminiscent of our thoughts on Oregon State's philosophy. Five states are represented, even Florida, which is an indicator of improved speed. OLB Logan Mayes (Eugene, Ore./Marist) is an upgrade.

That's it for today. Look out for our Offensive Line preview this evening. In the mean time, you'll see another look at the Spead Offense hit the site and the second part of Brian's "CougCenter 101" series. So stay tuned!