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WSU Basketball Schedule Released ... Again (And It's The Same)

On July 27, WSU released what everyone thought was its basketball schedule. It was out long enough that Brian wrote up a pretty extensive analysis, looking at how it shaped up for the Cougs.

Then we were told that the release was a mistake, that there were potentially "major changes" coming to the slate. So, we took it down.

But, as the Cougs' major opponents each began to release their schedules, and we began to piece together what was going on, it became clear that there were really only a handful of options for these "major changes." And as more and more schedules started to trickle out, a pair became notable for not being released.

Oregon and Oregon State.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what was going on. Those games are again early in the Pac-10 season, and are at the tail end of Christmas break, so it stands to reason there were some internal conversations (negotiations?) taking place about moving one or both of those games to Spokane.

In the end, it must not have worked out, because today we get official word: The schedule hasn't changed at all from what we saw a month ago.

I'm not going to say whether that's good or bad that these games remain in Pullman. Both sides have reasonable arguments for their position. Here's to hoping the Cougs are rolling into the conference season and can get a packed house in Beasley Coliseum with the students out of town.

So, with that, here is a link to the new press release from WSU (which is virtually identical to the first one, save for a sentence added to the paragraph about Hawaii) and a link to the schedule itself.

And while I'd love to re-post Brian's analysis -- which was my original plan -- I really bleeped up. I copied the text before pulling it from the site and pasted it into a draft to save for just such an occasion. But I'm fairly certain I accidentally deleted that draft somewhere along the line. Don't know why or how ... but for the life of me, I can't find it.

I suck. Sorry.