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HEISMAN WATCH: Jake Locker Isn't The Only Northwest Candidate

Smart college football fans are well aware of the outright theft that was committed last December at the Heisman Trophy presentation.  Washington State's Reid Forrest was considered a shoe-in by many, thanks to his ranking first nationally in both Awesomeness and REID, long seen as the benchmarks for the award. However, last season was no different than others, as politics played a major role in the selection.

It should not have surprised us that the brainwashed "experts" who have a vote in this thing went with Mark Ingram, a fancy running back from the ESS EEE SEE. The SEC has established itself as the nation's "footbaw" power conference in the minds of the media, so much so that they almost completely ignored the best college football player in these United States. Why? Because he plays on the West Coast at a small school who didn't perform well and lacked the capacity to properly promote their beloved punter/running back.

This year, that is going to change. I lament the fact that it took three months into the season to start Reid Forrest's Heisman campaign last year. The importance of hype has overtaken performance in the voting. Our rivals across the state have had the Jake Locker Hype Machine in full gear for almost five years now. Years ago, Oregon placed a ten-story banner of Joey Harrington in Times Square, where 1.6 million people pass through each day, in support of his candidacy. Not to be outdone, Washington State promoted Jason Gesser with a 25-foot sign on an old silo in the bustling metropolis of Dusty, where nearly ten cows and tractors pass by daily.

Rest assured, CougCenter will be Reid Forrest's silo.