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A Couple Of More Links To Throw Your Way

Brian posted his initial SB Nation BlogPoll ballot last week, and the preseason results have been released. I'm not much for polls, but I find the results of this one -- complete with commentary from Brian Cook of the awesome MGoBlog -- interesting. Good news for Brian, as he avoided being singled out for any of the highlights.

College Football BlogPoll Top 25: Alabama Predictably On Top Of Preseason Rankings -
Welcome to the BlogPoll 2010 and its unfortunately boring decision that an Alabama team replacing 10 defensive starters should be No. 1. Oh well. ... With this college football season lacking a clear frontrunner--any of a dozen teams can plausibly hope to end up the national title game right now--chances are the top of the ballot will be an unusually chaotic place this year. Should be an interesting year to see how the blog-folk change in ways the AP and Coaches polls do not.

You can find the permanent home of the SB Nation BlogPoll here.

As I mentioned in Hot Cougar Action this morning, I've begun writing for SB Nation Seattle. Here's my first commentary, inspired by Ted Miller's pieces on where to eat at WSU and UW. Take a gander and tell those Husky fans what-for.

Where Are Your Favorite Places To Eat On Campus? - The Daily Drip - SB Nation Seattle Pac-10 blogger Ted Miller recently asked his readers about their favorite places to eat on campus. He kicked off the series with Washington and Washington State. We offer our thoughts and ask for yours.