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LeAndre Daniels Fractures Neck, May Be Out For The Year

Bad news on the injury front today as safety LeAndre Daniels -- who had been sitting with a neck injury -- was diagnosed with a fractured neck. His injury doesn't mean paralysis or anything incredibly serious on that front, but it will keep him out for some time. Grippi has the notes.

In the story we mention the loss of LeAndre Daniels, the sophomore safety who was expected to be a key contributor. Daniels may not play this year after suffering a neck injury in camp that wasn’t getting better. He was examined again yesterday afternoon, a fracture was found and the decision was made to immobilize the neck. There is no paralysis or anything like that, but he’ll be out for a while as it heals

We've said it many times before, but injuries in camp aren't good for a talented, but relatively thin Cougar squad. Daniels was pegged as the starter coming in to camp, but Tyree Toomer has filled in well in his absence.

After breaking his leg against Hawaii last year, Daniels was having a breakout offseason and should have been a serious contributor in the 2010 campaign. Unfortunately this is another setback for a kid who has so much physical talent.

For now, we'll make a go of it without Daniels. Wish him the best as he recovers.