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Jim Walden With The Quote Of The Day

Jim Walden has been making the radio rounds lately and today he was on The Groz show on 710 ESPN. You can find the podcast of the entire show here.

I want to single out one part of the interview for you and challenge you to come up with something better.

In response to the Jake Locker Heisman hype: "If you would've given Paul Wulff Jake Locker ... believe me Paul Wulff would've been thought of as Steve Sarkisian is right now."

If would've given Bill Doba Jonathon Stewart, the Cougs would be the dynasty team of the 2000s.
If you would've given the 2008-present Cougs Robb Akey, WSU would have infinitely more mustache power.

So, in that form, give me your best shot. Rec the ones you like and we'll feature the good ones.