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Pac-10 basketball begins subtle shift away from Thursday-Saturday games

Percy Allen checks in with some Pac-10 basketball scheduling changes.

Washington's home and away games against Washington State and its road game at California have been moved from Saturday to Sunday next season.

UW plays WSU Jan. 30 in Pullman and Feb. 27 at Edmundson Pavilion. Both games begin at 7 p.m

The WSU-UW games move to Sunday night in an effort to spotlight rivalry games in the Pac-10. As Allen says, this falls in line with Larry Scott's plan to increase visibility for the conference nationally.

Instead of throwing Pac-10 games into the hopper that is Saturday basketball, showcasing top games with little opposition from other conferences is a great marketing move. The fact that UW and WSU were chosen also shows the conferences renewed emphasis on rivalries between the travel pairs.

Over the next few years, the Pac-10 should completely move away from the traditional Thursday-Saturday schedule, instead focusing on days that allow conference games to be picked up nationally.