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Washington State Cougars vs. Montana State Bobcats Open Game Thread

Happy Cougar football day to all!

Apologies for my lack of an opponent preview this week. Montana State is not represented on Football Outsiders or College Football Stats, so I was like a lost puppy. Although, Grady did do a fine job previewing the game in his weekly "Tailgater's Guide," so I will refer you to that.

This game is just as important as our season opener, but for different reasons. Cougar fans are desperate for a winning result, and this is our best opportunity. This is the only chance all year that the Cougs will play a team in which they will possess an athletic advantage. If they execute, it can be a solid confidence builder.

Losing is hard and it can wear on any person. This young Cougar team needs to taste a win, a big win. They need to feel success. Let's hope it happens today.