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HOT COUGAR ACTION: WSU Seeks To Start New Traditions Today

With Bill Moos in charge of the athletics department, we knew there were going to be some changes. Sometimes they're big, but sometimes they're a little more subtle. It's clear Moos want start building more of an identity around WSU, and one of those things is trying to start some traditions unique to WSU and celebrate the ones we already have.

Today (well, yesterday, in one instance) marks the beginning of some new game day traditions.

The one that's gotten the most publicity so far is the Cougar Pride Walk, in which fans will make a tunnel from the Cougar statue at the east end of the stadium to the fieldhouse. The players will be dropped off at 1:30 p.m. today, will touch the statue, then will walk through the tunnel to the fieldhouse before proceeding to the locker room to get prepared for the game.

It's also making the rounds that the ESPN GameDay flag wavers are being honored before today's game. According to Michelle Lipsker -- Coordinator, Internal Operations/Special Events for WSU athletics and longtime reader of the site -- a number of them (including originator/coordinator Tom Pounds) will be in town and will be running with flags through the band tunnel 10 minutes before kickoff, then will wave them at midfield as the team runs out.

But it doesn't stop there.

"We've also been given the go-ahead from the Mike Marlow to offer any flag waver, any game, the option to do this and be our VIPs," Lipsker said. Pretty cool. If they ever need a flag waver at UW, I'll be happy to help.

Other stuff includes First Down Friday (a downtown celebration the day before a game) and the Cougar Rally Mobile (a giant helmet on the back of a trailer) driving around town on game day. Some of you might have seen that this morning.

Anyway, obviously not all of this stuff is going to stick, because the ones that stick generally grow organically. But I love the effort. We need some more stuff that's uniquely ours.

On to the game day links!


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