Pissed about the Game Not Being on TV? Leave Fox Sports Feedback Here!


I left the following comment, and would encourage everybody affected by this to submit similar complaints/feedback with Fox Sports and the Pac-10. This link is for Fox Sports comments. Here is what I wrote: "I am beyond upset that you are not showing the Montana State @ Washington State football game on FCS Pacific right now. Instead we are stuck with a college soccer replay of South Carolina and Clemson. I do not pay $5.99/mo for my school's games to be pre-empted by a random soccer game. My zipcode is 98108, my cable service provider is Broadstripe. The channel is 503 - FCSP. The guide itself says it should be Montana State @ WSU, even your own schedule on your website for FCSP says it should be Montana St. @ WSU football. I will be encouraging all Pac-10 fans I come in contact with to place complaints and petitions with the Pac-10 to highly consider avoiding Fox Sports for their next TV contract deal because of things like this with your regional sports networks. Your quality and overall lack of attention to detail is appalling. I don't see how the Pac-10 can further develop its conference with you slowing them down. Michael"