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RECAP: Washington State vs Montana State

I'll keep this short.

The Good

WSU won. They came back and won a game.
C.J. Mizell showed why he's got all the potential in the world. His interception was a complete fluke, but whatever, it was still cool.
Brandon Rankin. Just pencil him in here.

The Bad

The Boise State plane that flew over during the middle of the game
FSN's coverage that made so many of you angry

The Ugly

Greg Heister's hair. It looks like he killed a small animal and used it as a wig.
Everything else. Playcalling, execution, everything.

I've never felt so terrible and angry after a win. I don't like this feeling. It hurts, it bothers me and it's embarrassing.

I know all four of us have something to say, but it'll wait until the morning. There's nothing good that can come from writing something up right now.

Use this thread to discuss whatever you want.