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HEISMAN WATCH: Candidate's Campaign Is Not A Joke, Pro Scouts Agree

As the Reid Forrest for Heisman campaign continues to steamroll towards its inevitable conclusion, everyone's favorite Pac-10 television partner, Fox Sports, is finally in on the action (Only a week after historic monuments and national parks were altered in his name - but it's okay Fox Sports, we would not expect you to catch on THAT quickly).

During the third quarter of Saturday's kind-of-sort-live-if-you-have-satellite-but-not-if-you-pay-six-bucks-a-month-for-the-specific-channel broadcast saw veteran sideline reporter and Cougar All-Access host, Jen Mueller mention the Reid Forrest for Heisman campaign.  I appreciate the publicity, Jen, as hundreds of Bobcat fans are now aware of the of Reid's true greatness, but I do take issue with you saying the campaign is "all in fun."

This most certainly is not a joke.

Like I said last year, I did not set out on this Reid Forrest for Heisman journey because I was bored and wanted to test the significant influence I have as an editor for a prestigious blog.  I simply looked at the statistics, and found that as a logical person, the only real step left for me was to report the facts.  The most important fact being that Reid Forrest is the best college football player in all the land.

So if you have found these posts to be humorous, I apologize.  You have been mistaken.  For more proof of Reid's awesomeness, look no further than this quote from Sir Vince on Tuesday's practice:

"Finally, the place was swarming with scouts again. There must be some talent to watch."

No offense to the rest of the Washington State Cougar football team, but it is pretty clear who the scouts are lining up to see.  We took a quick poll of the scouts to find out what exactly they are looking for in a player like Reid Forrest.

Said one scout:

We love his punting ability, but what really gets us excited is his ability to play multiple positions.  He is going to save us a lot of cap room if we can pick him up, as he can be star in almost any place on the field.

Another scout was actually off the clock and was at practice for his own reasons:

I just love to watch this kid play.  I can't wait to tell my grandkids someday that I got to see him practice when he was still in college!  Do you think he'll sign something for me?  Oh my gosh, he is coming this way!! How does my hair look?

So what does that praise mean exactly? Interest from pro scouts has no impact on a Heisman campaign, but it does validate the candidate's talent.  Reid Forrest is for real, and we fully expect him to awarded as such in December.