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What To Watch For: SMU Edition

EDIT NUSS: This also will serve as your morning action game thread. Basically, discuss whatever's on your mind this morning. And, yes, I realize just what kind of open invitation that is ...

A few things to keep an eye (or ear) on against SMU.

  1. Can the Cougs create pressure? Blitzing SMU is a double-edged sword. Teams want to create pressure, but by blitzing they create space for the Mustang receivers to work. When the Cougs do blitz, they must get to the quarterback in a hurry. If they don't, they're liable to get burned in a bad way. When they don't blitz, get creative up front. Stunts, twists and different looks can throw off the offensive line and allow the front four to create pressure. Either way, WSU has to get to the quarterback. The Cougar defense can't sit back and let the SMU aerial assault pick them apart.
  2. Is the offensive playcalling still bland? It's been two years now and everyone can read Todd Sturdy's playcalling like a book. Keep an eye on the coverage SMU throws at the Cougs. Is WSU exploiting it, or are the Cougs continuing to follow the definition of insanity (running into a wall over and over)? Pass the damn ball, boys.
  3. Can I get a first quarter score? After being outscored 162-6 in the first quarter last season, the Cougars have already been outscore 23-0 this year. I don't know why this team stumbles out of the blocks before face-planting into the ground, but it'd be nice to see some first quarter scoring.
  4. How's our Heisman contender? CougCenter favorite Reid Forrest got knocked around last weekend, limping off the field twice after MSU cheated and tried to take away the Cougs best weapon. How does he bounce back this week? Is this the week Paul Wulff takes the reigns off his best weapon and let's him make plays? If the Cougs need a hero, call number eight.