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Washington State Cougars vs. SMU Mustangs Open Game Thread

Next Game

Washington St. Cougars
@ SMU Mustangs

Saturday, Sep 18, 2010, 12:30 PM PDT
Gerald J. Ford Stadium

What To Watch For: SMU Edition
James Montgomery Arrested For Outstanding Warrant
HOT COUGAR ACTION: The Day Before The Game

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Coug fans have not exactly been satisfied with the performance of the Washington State football team following the first two games of the season. Will that change today?

It will certainly be a challenge. SMU is tough. They have a better quarterback and their defense is improved over last year. For more on them, read my opponent preview. Also click on the "complete coverage" link above for all of our coverage of this game this week.

To those of you that have CBS College Sports, enjoy watching the game! If anyone has any video or radio feeds, feel free to post them in the comments.

Maybe something awesome will happen today...maybe. I suppose that is why we follow.

Go Cougs!