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Washington State Cougars Vs. SMU Mustangs: Second Half Game Thread

Here's a new thread because the last one has almost 1,000 comments.

Also, some brief thoughts on the first half:

  • Love what the defense is doing. Bringing pressure from different spots, doing exactly what a 30 stack is supposed to be able to do. SMU’s two TDs came on a drive that never should have started that ended with a nice individual effort, and one busted coverage when we got no pressure. Other than that, they’ve been assignment sound, gotten in passing lanes, and have generated some pressure WITHOUT overload blitzes. HUGE SUCCESS.
  • Offense is still hit and miss. Sturdy still thinks he can win with power formations. Not sure why. But then again, I’ve been saying that for two and a half years. At the times they’ve been just a little unpredictable, they’ve had some moderate success. When SMU was sitting pass at the end of the second half, it was tougher going. Keep mixing it up.
  • Would it kill Sturdy to run some screens?
  • One thing the offense has done is take advantage of our big receivers. I’ll give Sturdy the credit for the called fades in the end zone, and I’ll give Tuel the credit on the others. No good reason. Mostly just because I don’t like Sturdy.
  • Special teams has been amazing, outside of the opening kick.
  • The offense has to be better if we’re going to win this game, because SMU probably won’t continue to crap itself in the second half.