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HOT COUGAR ACTION: WSU Not Satisfied With Merely Being Closer

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It's a light Monday in terms of WSU-related stuff, although Vince Grippi does have a story on Paul Wulff's day-after press conference.

He did say something that caught my eye:

"We’ve got to get away from feeling satisfied about every little thing we do better," Wulff said. "At this point, nothing needs to be making us feel quite good enough."

The implication? He and coaches are still on the players like white on rice, and I don't think it's a stretch to extrapolate from this statement that his expectation is more victories this season. Interesting. I wonder if he's applying the same standard to his coaching staff.

On to the few links that are around:

WSU News

Monday morning from WSU - SportsLink - - Sept. 20, 2010
I asked [Wulff] about James Montgomery’s arrest and he explained it, saying the Pullman Police let Wulff know about the outstanding warrant and the circumstances, that Montgomery needed to come in and take care of an old ticket. So Montgomery did, was booked and released. Because of the circumstances – it was something, according to Wulff that fell through the cracks because Montgomery had moved, thought it was taken care of but was informed by mail at his old address it wasn’t – Wulff felt it didn’t warrant a suspension.

Live Stream Information for Monday's Cougar Calls with Bill Moos - WASHINGTON STATE OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE

Pac-10 News

Pac-10 Power Rankings: Week 4 - Pac-10 Blog - ESPN
10. Washington State: The big question for the Cougars is will they muster four-quarters of fight in every game the rest of the season. The Pac-10 blog continues to believe, if they do, that will eventually yield a tangible reward. (Check out who's No. 9!)

Pac-10 football: Thoughts on Big Saturday | College Hotline
No reason to get expansive here given that the biggest weekend of the season for the conference was basically a wash — it shouldn’t alter the nation perception of the Pac-10 either way.

College Sports | Pac-10 gets a B effort over weekend | Seattle Times Newspaper
California and Washington were blots on the performance, but Arizona stepped up against Iowa, UCLA rebounded nicely and Arizona State acquitted itself well.

Other Interesting Stuff

Former freshman says Knight incident blown out of proportion | | The Indianapolis Star
Kent Harvey walks into a coffee shop on the Far Northside, looking calm and comfortable. With his close-cropped dark hair, fit build and pressed white shirt, he's the picture of a young professional. ... Ten years removed from his infamous encounter with then Indiana basketball coach Bob Knight, the incident has no residual bearing on his life aside from providing fodder for family ribbing.

And then, there's this fun little video. Poor guy.