TV Schedule Week 4

Pac-10 league games starting this week.  UW and Colorado both have a bye.  Big game for the Beavs and late enough we can watch it after our game.  Let's hope the Beavs are in late season form rather than early season form.


2010 Div 1A Schedule Grid

Week 4

(#20) USC

at  Washington St
Sat. 9/25 @  12:00 PM
  Fox Sports Reg. HD

(#16) Stanford

at  Notre Dame
Sat. 9/25 @  12:30 PM


at #7 Texas
Sat. 9/25 @  12:30 PM
ESPN Gameplan

Oregon St

at #3 Boise St
Sat. 9/25 @  5:00 PM

(#13) Utah

 San Jose St
Sat. 9/25 @  5:00 PM

(#14) Arizona

Sat. 9/25 @  7:00 PM
  Comcast Sports-Bay-plus

Arizona St

#5 Oregon
Sat. 9/25 @  7:30 PM
  Fox Sports Net HD

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