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PAC-12 ALIGNMENT: North/South Split On The Way?

The Pac-10 athletic directors have been meeting over the last few months in an effort to hammer out the details of the Pac-12. Now that we know Colorado and Utah are both joining ahead of the 2011 season, there's a sense of urgency to get everything in place, with a decision coming as soon as mid-October.

Chip Brown is reporting this morning that the divisional split will be geographic, with Colorado and Utah joining the Northwest schools in the north.

Sources tell Pac-10 North division will be Was, WSU, Ore, Ore St., CU and Utah. South will be Cali and Arizona schools.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

If true, this almost assures that an equal revenue split will follow. Of course, we've been against a geographic split that includes Colorado and Utah in the north. Even with scheduling concessions, the perception of a conference that keeps the California schools walled off from the rest of the world isn't great.

So, in the end it still means more money for WSU, but a less than ideal split.