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HOT COUGAR ACTION: Five WSU Football Recruits Enroll Early

It's become quite the perceived advantage to get football recruits enrolling early in school, and so it was with baited breath many of you waited for the start of classes yesterday to see who might be coming into the fold for WSU and thus be able to begin their lifting and nutrition regimen while also participating in spring drills.

Vince Grippi confirms that there are, in fact, five players currently enrolled for spring semester: Florida high school players Henry Eaddy and Isiah Myers (both WRs); junior college transfers Ian Knight (DE) and Taylor Meighan (OL); and defensive lineman Xavier Cooper, who signed in last year's class but needed some extra time to get his academics in order.

Linebacker Daryl Monroe, also from Florida, told last week that he'd be enrolling early, but he is not as of yet. Grippi reports his high school semester doesn't end until later this month, and we all know that every day of missed class makes it more and more unlikely he'll be showing up early. It also appears that running back Devonte Butler-Booker, another academic casualty from last year's class, doesn't quite have his stuff together yet, so it's looking like fall (if ever) for him.

On to other news ...

  • You can check out how we're doing in the Pac-10 basketball pick-em here. Picked up a game on UW Dawg Pound, but still holding in third. Our own johnnycougar won the fan portion by picking seven of his eight games correctly.
  • Klay Thompson is a finalist for the Seattle Sports Commission's 2010 Male Sports Star Of The Year. You can bombard their site with votes for him. I strongly suggest that you do so.
  • Want to celebrate Signing Day? Buy a ticket to a night with WSU football. Four different events, one likely near you if you live in the state.
  • There was a big football game last night. It ended terribly from a competitive standpoint thanks to a pair of missed Oregon tackles. Or, if you believe this, one missed tackle and one blown replay review. Either way, it was a sucky way to end a great game.
  • WSU Athletics sent us a video of Ken Bone's weekly press conference. Enjoy!