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WSU vs. Stanford Basketball Quick Recap: Cougs win 61-58

Hey there Coug fans... I'll be back in a while with some complete game thoughts, but here's a quick post in case you all wanted to discuss this result (or the prospect of the Seahawks hosting the NFC championship game!).

Among other things, let's pass along the incomparable Vince Grippi's take on Reggie's suspension:

If you want my thoughts on the matter, I believe – and that's all it is, a belief borne of my reading of the situation – Bone is under intense pressure here. I'm not sure this was his decision, because as far as I can tell, nothing has changed since Dec. 11, when Moore's at the time unoccupied dorm room was searched. Yes, according to the charges, there was some marijuana and a pipe found on his side of the room. But we've known that for a couple weeks, Bone for even longer. Today Moore is suspended. Something doesn't add up for me. Whether Moore should or shouldn't have been suspended is immaterial in a way. It's the timing that's odd.

It is odd. Reggie is apparently suspended "indefinitely", which is a scary thought for the team's prospects. Or it could just mean they haven't determined whether tonight's game was enough.

Don't let tonight fool you... this team is better long-term with Moore than without him. Still, isn't a one-game suspension (especially a Pac-10 game) enough? And why a critical conference road game? If you want to throw out a late suspension, why not do it for the home game versus Oregon State? I guess, at the very least, you can say WSU didn't put winning ahead of discipline. That's nice. But we don't seem to be getting the whole story from the athletic department.