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This was a perfect ball game.

Not only did WSU beat the #17 Washington Huskies (And guess what, students -- they're underrated, not overrated at 17)... they beat them as a team.

This was Klay Thompson driving the final dagger in the 'Klay doesn't show up in big games' meme that's so popular with casual fans.

This was Brock Motum, Abe Lodwick  and Charlie Enquist stepping up to replace a foul-troubled DeAngelo Casto. And doing it against one of the most powerful, physical teams in the conference.

This was Faisal Aden breaking down defenses with the drive and the pass -- not just shooting over it. Although he did shoot over it quite nicely near the end.

This was Reggie Moore going right at his friend Isiah Thomas and showing him why he should have been a Pac-10 player from the start.

This was our big men fighting valiantly for rebounds. Our guards stepping in passing lanes and making plays when they needed them.

This may have been the best defensive performance by a Cougar team since the Sweet Sixteen. And they did it in a 2-3 zone. No Bennett Ball? No problem. The Cougars stifled the Dawgs with turnovers and made Isiah Thomas the Huskies' only option on offense.

I'm so proud of this team right now. The officiating was truly awful for the first ten minutes of the second half. They kept fighting. Heart, grit, guts - all those cliches are perfect when describing this effort.

From Klay Thompson down to the end of the bench, this was a performance that will be remembered from years to come.

What a team.