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National Signing Day: CougCenter Has Your Recruiting Needs Covered

Wednesday is kind of a big day in the world of college football, as you may know. You see, Feb. 2 is the first days class of 2011 recruits can sign letters of intent, binding them to the school of their choice. We will, of course, be all over it, covering the action from all sorts of angles leading up to, and throughout, signing day.

Plans For The Day

We're starting early here at CougCenter, beginning the day with a morning post that will serve as our running commentary throughout the day. Just like last year, we'll have a Cover It Live chat going the whole day, announcing letters as they come in and discussing the recruits in the class, as well as passing along any surprises and other news.

But wait, there's more! All of us will be using social networking throughout the day to pass along tidbits and quick information. If you're not following us on Twitter yet, now would be a good time to do so. We'll be tweeting throughout the day, and answer questions there, as well.

Follow the CougCenter account, @CougCenter, as well as accounts for Jeff, Grady, Craig and myself -- @NussCoug, @GradyClapp, @thecraigpowers and @floydcoug respectively.

If you have a Facebook and haven't "liked" us yet, feel free do that, as well. You do like us, don't you? Many of our posts will show up there and you can pass them along to friends, introducing them to our wonderful world.

And because that's just not enough coverage, I'll also be working through a running roundup of the day's events at SB Nation Seattle. You can find quick primers for both WSU and UW in our national signing day StoryStream. Yes, I have to cover UW and both schools will be in the same StoryStream. If you miss anything from Wednesday's events, it will all be compiled there.

Update: Jeff Collier used the Cover It Live on his phone last night and said it's simple. Just click on the little play button on the CIL widget when you navigate to the site and it'll fire up the chat. So for those of you stuck at work or in class, we're here for you, so long as you have a smart phone. CougCenter: Decreasing productivity since 2008.

What To Expect This Week

Want to know which players have committed to Washington State already? Looking for more information on all of our prized recruits? You're in luck! Check out our WSU Football Recruiting Central.

We'll also be working through the Coug Commit features ahead of signing day in an effort to get all caught up. Those can also be found in the WSU Football Recruiting Central tables, as well as here.

Following the signing day, we'll have reaction from WSU -- likely in the form of a press release -- and Grady's traditional elite eight, highlighting eight recruits to watch. We may have more, but that will all serve as a baseline.

What Can You Do?

Tell your friends, tell you kids, tell you husbands and wives, tell the neighborhood. Show up early and often on Wednesday and throughout the week because we're going to be doing it big. Follow us on Twitter and interact with us all -- we love answering questions and just BSing on social networking throughout the day.

Most importantly, pepper us with questions, comments and suggestions. What do you want to see in our signing day coverage? What have we missed that would pique your interest? Let us know; we're a receptive bunch.