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Reggie Moore Cited For Marijuana Possession

File this under not shocking at all. Washington State University point guard Reggie Moore was cited for unlawful possession of marijuana back in early December at Scott Hall. The sophomore point guard was cited for possession of marijuana under 40 grams and another charge related to drug paraphernalia. 

Vince Grippi, best beat reporter in the land, has all the details covered.

Both have mandatory minimum sentences of one day in jail and a fine of usually between $250 and $500. We're trying to find out if this will affect his status for tomorrow's game.

Back in early October, before the season got underway, I told Jeff this would happen. I didn't say I thought it would, I said Reggie Moore, at some point this year, would get popped for weed. I was right. And I'm not happy.

Two things stand out here. First, this happened in early December. Either Moore didn't tell the coaches or the coaches knew and did nothing. One situation makes Moore look worse than he does in the first place, the other puts out a message of complacency. It could be waiting for due process, but this is pretty cut and dry. Officer smells weed, officer finds weed, officer sends a citation in the mail. It's pretty simple.

Second, how many times does someone have to be arrested for a drug-related offense this year? Jamal Atofau and Andre Barrington were living in a grow house. Paris Shewey and David Stilley had their residence raided, with cops finding a host of marijuana related items. Now Moore, the starting point guard for the Cougs, is popped for weed. I know it's just weed, and say what you will about the laws, but there's a standard here. These are athletes putting their future in doubt to get high.

It's disappointing to hear the news amid everything else. I'm tired of hearing news like this about our athletes. It doesn't just make the team look bad, it makes the school look bad and embarrasses the alumni. Clean it up and figure it out because this is getting ridiculous.

Update from Vince: The team knew, punishment was already handed out, etc.

"This is a team matter that we take very seriously. We initially learned about this incident Dec. 12, and at this time we have dealt with, and are still dealing with the issue. We will take further appropriate action if necessary."

So his punishment for a search by police that turned up weed? Sure seems like it was two minutes and 59 seconds on the bench to start the Santa Clara game, though nothing is confirmed.