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WSU Vs. Colorado: Cougs Win 31-27 On Late Marquess Wilson Touchdown

The pants are off. I may put them on when I go to the bar later. Not sure.

I screamed like a little school girl when Marquess caught that touchdown. I screamed even louder when Paul Richardson fumbled the ball.

The Cougs were down by ten in this game with less than three minutes to play.  They won.

How many times have teams done that to us over the years? Feels good to be on the other end.

Marquess Wilson was bottled up almost the whole day, and dropping as many passes as he caught.

Then, when all hope seemed to be lost, he made a ridiculous catch on the sideline. The next play Marshall Lobbestael hit Isiah Barton to pull the Cougs within three.

All hope seemed lost again after a mysterious pass interference call went against Daniel Simmons. The Cougar defense stepped up anyway and gave the offense one more chance. 48 seconds later, WSU had their first lead since 7-3.

Enjoy this. This is your postgame thread. We'll be back with more later.