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Week 7 CougCenter BlogPoll Ballot

The top eight remain unchanged from last week, with the Alabama Crimson Tide once again at my top spot. Right now, I honestly think the top three might be interchangeable. The Oklahoma Sooners can rest well knowing that if they win out, they will likely have a spot in the championship game. The LSU Tigers will have to play Alabama, and that may (I said MAY, weirder things have happened) knock the loser out of the title game.

Of course, we always start making these projections assuming the top teams are going to win out, and that never seems to happen. Oklahoma still has to play their in-state rival, the Oklahoma State Cowboys, who put up 70 on Kansas this weekend. The Stanford Cardinal still have to play the Oregon "Fighting" Ducks. Boise State still has....TCU I guess?

Moving farther down the list, you'll notice that the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have made their debut in my rankings. I know, right? Gross. The Irish have been on a roll and S&P loves them, so I couldn't resist any longer. 20-25 are pretty crazy in general, as I moved several teams in and out of my poll. The Georgia Bulldogs make their debut as Bronco fans rejoice.

I probably punished Texas a little harshly, dropping them from #11 all the way out of the rankings, but I had my doubts about them to begin with. Also, it's Texas.

As always, rankings after the jump and the opportunity to tell me how dumb I am.