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Jeff Tuel Will Play, Could Start On Saturday, Says Paul Wulff

I've given up trying to figure out what's going to happen Saturday in hopes of keeping my sanity intact. I swear, Jeff Tuel looked off on Monday and Tuesday, and then suddenly he sprung to life and looked much better on Wednesday, according to Vince Grippi. And because Tuel looked much better on Wednesday, the chances of him playing went from "maybe" to "absolutely," and he may even start against No. 7 Stanford.

In fact, Wulff seemed to spill the beans Thursday on KJR in Seattle. Tuel will play, apparently, and may even start -- something Wulff seemed to allude to during the interview.

Earlier in the week, the tone of everything was, "Marshall Lobbestael will start." It continued to be the same message after Tuel was medically cleared for contact and everything that goes along with it. Now? Well, not so much, it seems.

Instead, the coaching staff will continue to evaluate the options at quarterback. The team has a non-contact practice on Thursday, which serves as a time to polish the gameplan, and a closed walkthrough on Friday, so take that for what you will. If you were to ask me who gets the nod on Monday, the odds would've been slated overwhelmingly towards Lobbestael. Even on Wednesday morning, it was the same.

But now, it would seem the balance has shifted in Tuel's favor. Or Wulff is being a coach and playing everything close to the vest? Who knows!

I'll end with this: in Wulff's early days, Washington State ran a two quarterback system, with Marshall Lobbestael and Kevin Lopina splitting time. Think back to how that turned out. Now apply that to the Tuel situation. If he's definitely going to play, I don't feel like the coaches will play quarterback roulette. I get the feeling whoever starts will be "the guy" and that's the end of it. Take it as you will.

Also of note: Wade Jacobson's back is still wrecked, and he may need back surgery (Oh no!). But Jacobson could apply for a medical hardship (yay!).* Rickey Galvin also suffered a concussion against San Diego State. The more you know!

*We're not going down this road again. Just take the information and file it away.