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AUDIO: CougCenter Podcast, Episode 45 - Should Jeff Tuel Start?

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Now that Jeff Tuel has been cleared for Saturday's game against No. 7 Stanford and Paul Wulff has made it clear that Tuel will play, the million dollar question becomes whether Tuel should immediately take over for Marshall Lobbestael.

Good thing questions make for great topics of discussions on podcasts! In addition to reliving our depression from the UCLA loss, Craig and I debate whether Tuel should start right away, whether splitting time with the QBs is any kind of good idea at all, and whether we think the Cougs really actually could pull off the upset against the Cardinal.

For those of you who have subscribed to the podcast in the past -- either through iTunes or another podcast client -- there have been some changes. The old feed is no longer working, which means the current iTunes channel isn't functioning, either. We're still working on getting a new iTunes channel set up, but in the meantime, you can manually subscribe to this new feed:

EDIT: You can now find us on iTunes again here, or by simply searching "CougCenter."

You can listen to the podcast after the jump, either by downloading it by clicking on the link or by clicking the little circle to the left of the link or by clicking the little gray tab with the white triangle in it that's sticking out in the lower left-hand corner of this page. The latter is actually a nifty little Yahoo! player .

Podcast Episode 45
Outro Music: Sorry (Comfort Fit) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0