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WSU Vs. Oregon State: Open Football Game Thread

We've went over it about 75,000 times this week....this is a big one.

This is the chance to show that the Cougs are making improvements not just in yards per play, margin of victory/defeat, or any other metric that we like to use, but in the win column as well.

The Cougs swung the bat in the on-deck circle with a big 'ol donut on it (Stanford). Should be easier to swing this week, but they still have to execute. Time to show they aren't the bottom of the conference anymore and put together Paul Wulff's first winning streak against a team.

I'm about as nervous for this game as I've been in...well 2 weeks ago when they played UCLA. It's fun to care again, Wazzu. See you in the gamethread. If you see a lot of all caps, that previous sentence should explain it.

Go Cougs!