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WSU Football Recruiting: Jacob Tuivaiave, LB/TE From Tacoma, Becomes 17th Commit

Kyle: Well, yeah, Trinity is probably my number one villain, too. But if we're being honest, I have to consider Dexter a villain himself. I know that's not the direction we were going, but, he kills people.

Mark: Yeah, that's an interesting perspective. Trinity's my number one, followed by Bryan. Bryan was just so good. Season 1 blew my mind.

Kyle: I'm in the minority, but I loved Miguel Prado. He was so crazy. He tried to show Dexter it was ok to have friends, and even though he went insane with power, he helped Dexter evolve. As crazy as Lila was (and oh boy was she nuts), she did that, too. So did Doakes. That's the great thing about this show; everyone is helping him evolve, whether he realizes it or not.

Mark: I forgot about Lila. She was super crazy, though. That fire? Sheesh. The Skinner was pretty good, too. Unsuspecting and crazy. But Trinity tops them all. He's just so good.

Kyle: Yeah, it's hard to argue anyone has even come close to John Lithgow. He just knocked it outta the park. And the way the season ended? I mean, Joey from Blossom WHOA. Right?

Mark: Totally. Hey, did you notice we just got a new recruit?

Kyle: Hey thanks for the comment. In the future, could you please use the reply button? Thanks. It keeps all conversations threaded and easier to read. We also require a subject line. Finally, as much as I appreciate this information, it's not really on topic. Let's try to keep things on topic.

Mark: ... ?

Kyle: Oh crap. Sorry. That's sort of like an automated response in my brain. You know?


Kyle: Touche.


Well guys, according to CougFan, Paul Wulff just nabbed his 17th commit for the class of 2012 in Jacob Tuiavaiave. He's listed as a LB/TE, but I'm like 90% sure he winds up in the trenches. He has the tools to become a pretty good offensive lineman, but he needs to bulk up quite a bit. We need more help on the DL than the OL considering the past 140 guys we've gotten have been on the OL. My original thought was blocking TE/FB, but ... do we really need a blocking TE/FB?

He either ends up at DE or OG. Or as a kicker, since him and Furney are about the same size.



Pretty sure with hair like this, he'll fit right in. We're quickly becoming the best hair team in all of college football.

It's hard to truly evaluate him, because he's sort of the jack-of-all-trades kinda kid. He does a lot well, but nothing spectacular, and he doesn't really have a true position. Once we figure out where he'll be lining up, I can get a better sense as to what he brings to the table. I'd be shocked if he didn't redshirt. Overall not a "bad" get, but it does feel like it's a little more on the ho-hum side of things.



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