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Jeff Tuel's New Injury Is Acute Compartment Syndrome

I'll start by saying Jeff Tuel is fine, as far as anyone knows. Remember when James Montgomery suffered excruciating pain in the middle of the night, went to an emergency room and immediately set in motion a chain of events that saved his leg? It happened again, and this time it was Jeff Tuel.

Tuel's injury was not as serious, and doctors did catch the acute compartment syndrome early. Still, this is scary as all hell.

That night the calf started to really hurt – sound familiar? – and Tuel let the training staff know. He immediately checked himself in at Pullman Regional Hospital and doctors found the beginning of acute compartment syndrome, the same aliment that caused so much pain for running back James Montgomery a couple years ago. Tuel's was caught so early there was no need for any surgery, the calf, while still painful, should heal fine and he should be healthy soon. But in time for the rest of this football season? He could be back but maybe not

I don't even know what to say. Before Montgomery suffered his injury, I had no idea what acute compartment syndrome was, and I hadn't heard of college football players suffering from it. Now, after two players came down with the same ailment a few years apart, I'm certainly familiar with it, and I hate it.

Just like Montgomery, I'm not sure anyone knows when Tuel suffered the calf injury or how it developed into compartment syndrome but this just isn't good at all. Sure his clavicle is sore -- but not broken! -- but now his calf is all messed up, as well.

This is a nightmare and I'm beginning to wonder if on top of everything else, we're cursed. I'm not so worried about Tuel rushing back into action as I am for his health. Hopefully he heals up, rests up and is able to shake the injuries plaguing him. Whether it comes this year or he shuts it down just doesn't matter right now.