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WSU Vs. Oregon: The Tailgater's Guide To Cougar Football

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All of the Tostitos!
All of the Tostitos!


Those were the odds, in percentage form, that Fangraphs gave the St. Louis Cardinals of winning Thursday night, after Ryan Theriot struck out early in the bottom of the ninth.

At a point in the life of any sports fan, you start to ask yourself why. Why am I still watching this game? This season? This team? Isn't there something better I should be doing with my time? [The probable answer to the last question is yes: like laundry, or mowing the lawn, or feeding the fish]

For the Coug fan, the question is: why am I watching a game against Oregon that we have virtually no chance of winning?

The answer is fairly obvious when you think about it. You're watching based on the chance, however small, however illogical, that the Washington State Cougars go into Autzen Stadium and shock the darlings of the Pac-12. Sure, Stanford may turn out to be the better team in the end than the Oregon Ducks, but I'm betting you were more hopeful going into the Cardinal game. The Cougs were in better shape, with Jeff Tuel set to return, and - perhaps most importantly - at home in front of a raucous homecoming crowd. Now? On the road, in the loudest stadium in the Pac-12, with a backup quarterback and a team that just lost a semi-home game to 1-5 Oregon State.

And yet, we'll all be there watching. We may check out emotionally after the first quarter, when it's 21-nothing in favor of the Ducks and Chip Kelly begins scanning the stands looking for children to yell at.

But there's still that chance. The chance that - like last year - WSU hangs around for a while. Into the second quarter. The third. The fourth. Maybe it's a tie game with thirty seconds remaining and Oregon driving for the game-winning score, when the ball is tipped - Intercepted! - and Alex Hoffman-Ellis runs it back 67 yards for one of the most incredible touchdowns in Cougar history.

That probably won't happen.

But then again, same goes for everything we saw in the bottom of the 9th and 10th innings on Thursday.

That's why we'll watch. You wouldn't want to miss it, after all. Just in case.


Recommended Local Activity - Studio West Glassblowing. Because when isn't blown glass incredible?

Recommended Food - Mucho Gusto reminds me that I have yet to recommend a Mexican restaurant in Pullman yet for the Tailgater's Guide. Hmm...

Gametime Snack of the Week - Kit-Kat. It's Halloween Candy season, and Kit Kats are still one of the most underrated treats. Or maybe it's just that it's easy to down a whole bunch of them in one sitting. Either way, I should probably cut back this year.


Gametime Cheap Beer of the Week - Budweiser Budvar. This is the Czech Budweiser - not the same as the American. It's because of the trademark disputes that 1) You cannot find this beer under the name Budweiser in the U.S. and 2) Budweiser of America cannot get an exclusive trademark in the European Union. Naming issues aside, this is a solid Czech Beer that I remember being cheaper than water at a couple restaurants when I visited Prague a few years back.

Gametime Premium Beer of the Week - I suppose we really should do an Oregon beer this week. I've already used Deschutes... and Widmer Brothers sponsors the Timbers... so let's go with Full Sail's Wassail.

Gametime Song of the Week - 

Happy Halloween.

Prediction: Oregon 48, Washington State 16

As always, go Cougs.