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WSU Vs. Oregon: Open Football Game Thread

Next Game

I don't really have a lot to say about this. Nobody gives WSU any kind of a chance today, and I can't really think of many reasons why they'd be wrong.

But as Grady said, there's always a chance, otherwise we'd never play the game. There was a chance when Stanford beat USC back in 2007, and there's a chance today. It might be really, really small chance ... maybe like one in a million ... but, well, you know.

Vince Grippi just tweeted that Toni Pole, Kristoff Williams and Mike Ledgerwood are out. Missing Pole would seem to be a big blow to whatever small chance the Cougs have -- keeping defensive linemen fresh is a key strategy when playing the Ducks.

On the flip side, Darron Thomas is warming up, so I assume that means he's going to play. LaMichael James is nowhere to be found actually warming up too, albeit with some sort of brace.

Go Cougs.