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Week 6 CougCenter BlogPoll Ballot

This week I decided to let the numbers of Football Outsiders guide my hand a little more in picking my Top 25.  I resisted putting teams like Notre Dame in there, but looking at the S&P rankings caused me to shake things up a little bit.  It also reaffirmed by decision to place Alabama at #1.

Also this week I finally give Georgia Tech their due for running up and down the field on everyone. Only a late gambler-suicide-inducing fumble made their score look closer this week.  Texas, Illinois, and Michigan are all begrudgingly ranked highly because they are undefeated. Even with all the stats that are created to take out every bit of bias we can when ranking teams, it is still really hard to resist that urge to extra-extra value wins. Even when the wins have come against less-than-stellar competition.

After the jump you can look at my ballot and tell me how dumb I am.