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Give CougCenter and SBNation Feedback

Hello, CougCenterites!

SB Nation wants your feedback on itself and this very website! I know what you are thinking, "Finally, I can tell those guys off about how dumb they are."

Actually, this survey is to let us know how the technical side of the site works for you.  We want your opinion on things like navigation, user experience,  and brand integration (More Nestea girl...amirite guys?).  All responses will be kept confidential and the entire process will only take a few minutes.The survey can be taken by clicking here.

But wait, that's not all!

As incentive for you all to participate, for the three SBN sites with the highest percentage of user participation, SB Nation will be donating $500 to to the charity of their choice.  In light of recent events in the Cougar family, we have decided to make that charity the ALS Therapy Development Institute. The ALSTDI has already been working with Steve Gleason and they are striving toward a goal of treating and stopping ALS.

So in taking the survey you will not only help improve your own experience on the site, you could be helping a fellow Coug (or anyone else afflicted with this terrible disease). The survey closes on October 7th at 2pm Pacific Time.

Go here! Or here! Maybe even here!