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WSU Vs. UCLA: Open Football Game Thread

We're not going to cover any preview-type stuff in this space -- there's plenty of that in the box above this.

Instead, I'm going to take a moment about to talk about game thread decorum. I've covered before how to be a great commenter, but just to review:

  1. Try to bring something to the table with each comment -- attempt to make us all smarter with your insights.
    We know it's a game thread, so we know it's going to be emotional at times. Visceral outbursts are fine, but continuing to harp on stuff to the point that it starts to sound like whining is not.
    If you have a hard time figuring out where that line is, one of the editors will try to help you find it, hopefully in a gentle and respectful manner.

Just know that each of the managers here is committed to trying to create and maintain a hospitable atmosphere for all readers, which sometimes leads to us aggressively try to protect what we've constructed with you. Here's a good take on our perspective. However, we'll do our best to only use bans as a hammer of last resort.

There's actually one other thing you need to do to be a great commenter.

Have fun. Because that's what it's all about.

Go Cougs.