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Cougars Fail To Capitalize On Opportunities, Lose To UCLA 28-25

A few years ago I had this medical condition where I would get a horrible pit in my stomach, feel like I wanted throw up and yet had the urge to smash things with a baseball bat. Over the last three years, that feeling went away and I assumed I was just lactose intolerant.

The feeling is back tonight, and it's as bad as ever. During the debacle of the last three seasons, I forgot what it felt like to play well enough to win a game yet give it away with mistakes and missed opportunities. Dropped passes, poor throws, terrible defense at the most inopportune times, yep I remember this. 

This team is clearly better than it was last year, but right now I'm having trouble celebrating returning to 2004-2007 levels of mediocrity. This is a game WSU should have won, but instead they settled for field goals rather than touchdowns and allowed a previously inept backup quarterback to beat them. 

We will have more on this game as the week goes along, but right now all I can say is ugh.