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Top Ten CougCenter Moments, #7: CougCenter Is The Name Of My Madonna Cover Band

This picture came up when I searched for Madonna. It was also dated for my birthday. Fate?
This picture came up when I searched for Madonna. It was also dated for my birthday. Fate?

The Top Ten CougCenter Moments had a wildly successful start back in July.  The intention then was to have a post every day leading up until the start of football practice. Then preparation for grad school and a 1,000 mile move became a bit overwhelming.

The moments seemed dead in the water. Many have doubted their return, even myself. But today, in the wake of a disappointing loss (we have those in football now?), I am finally reaching moment number seven. Props to my lovely girlfriend for help with the title (which I wrote back in August).  Even bigger props to the man with the sexually suggestive handle who made this post possible.


BigWood is a bit of a legend on CougCenter.  His humor has led to many of the memes on the site.  We love him so much that we ignore the fact he rarely uses capital letters correctly (that doesn't mean you can start doing the same, he's earned the right).  Perhaps none of his memes have been more successful than the cover band.  It has often been duplicated, and several times altered, but many don't even know the origin of the joke. Thanks to a quick search for "Cover Band" on CougCenter, I can change that today.

After the jump, we'll detail the first ever usage of "cover band" and take a look at some of the meme's greatest hits.


The meme actually originated in the great CougCenter NCAA Baseball Regionals Threads of 2010.  Those threads were so gloriously spectacular that they are sure to appear later in the series (Did someone say meat products)? The meme also piggy-backed off another CougCenter meme that I believe was created by BigWood. Here is the sequence of comments:


Five hours later (I told you those threads were epic), BigWood made his second "Cover Band" comment, this time it was set up by his Witches of Eastman cohort, woolybugger:


Again, that was a meme built off a meme. Fantastic.  Here's another, as BigWood was firing them off in rapid succession.  It's amazing he didn't kill it that night.:


The cover band meme has only grown since that day, with many others trying to emulate the hilariousness of the original posts (with mixed resultsl). Go ahead and do your own CougCenter "cover band" or  "tribute band" search. I left out some good ones. Tell us what your favorites are, and if this post has inspired any new cover bands. Don't mind that BigWood doesn't want you stealing his jokes, he'll get over it.