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VIDEO: Press Conference Tuesday With Paul Wulff, Ken Bone

Tuesday is media day for college coaches, and you lucky stiffs get a double dose today as both Paul Wulff and Ken Bone met with local reporters.

The Bay Area is an area WSU recruits heavily in football, and Wulff talked a little bit about how it's special for players to return home and play in front of their family. He also talked quite a bit about officiating -- particularly in the context of Casey Locker's spate of personal fouls -- and gave a little injury report, noting that Toni Pole is looking better and hopefully in line to get some reps in advance of Saturday.

Bone, meanwhile, was able to be a bit more big picture, given that this was his first local teleconference and the season hasn't started yet. He talked about how this group of guys has a great attitude and is going to need to have a "team-first" mentality because it won't be able to rely on DeAngelo Casto on defense and Klay Thompson on offense the way it has the last two years. He also noted the team is a little banged up at the moment coming off a scrimmage in Idaho.

Video after the jump.