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WSU Vs. Arizona State: Great Moments Captured In Drive Chart Form



Animated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.

With a big win, it is always fun to look at the game from all angles in order to recall some of its more exciting plays. Mark provided you with the WSU-ASU highlights this morning, then I came along with the Cougar milestones and records. Now, we can view the game in the form of little lines moving in horizontal directions.

It especially gets interesting on the third WSU drive, which was the first for redshirt freshman Connor Halliday.  As the line moves towards the endzone, if you squint real hard you can see Marquess Wilson running free down the sideline for an 85-yard touchdown.

The Cougs had 11 drives after Halliday entered the game. They scored on six of those and advanced into ASU territory on eight.  The most beautiful are the last two. They combined for 169 yards and 14 game-clinching points.  Think about that for a little bit and let it sink in. The Washington State Cougars came through with two long fourth-quarter drives. First, to take the lead. Then, to put the game away. Is that something that actually happens in real-life?

On the defensive side of the ball, the chart does well to show the field position advantage that Arizona State had throughout the contest. The Sun Devils started beyond their own 40 four times. Unsurprisingly, those are the four drives on which they scored.  As with the offense, the most exciting drives were the last two. The second to last, when WSU halted Arizona State on the eleven yard-line with a huge fourth down stop, should probably be accompanied by those little peg men from the baseball and basketball gametrackers to represent CougCenter members jumping around their living rooms. Again, third-and-inches followed by fourth-and-inches stands are not something that happens in real-life.

Finally, just like WSU's last conference win over the Colorado Buffaloes, the final words on the drive chart read "FUMBLE." Who says this team is inconsistent?