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An Excerpt From Cougar Sports Weekly, Connor Halliday Edition

If you don't subscribe to Cougar Sports Weekly, here's an excerpt of what you missed:

The most mind-boggling thing for me at this point is the way WSU had yet another quarterback step in and throw the ball all over the field like it's no big deal. Trust me. It's a big deal. A huge deal.

Look at how many teams in the Pac-12 are struggling to get competent play out of even one or two quarterbacks. WSU has gotten it out of three, including a redshirt freshman turning in the best performance of all. Cal, Utah, Colorado ... they'd all take any of WSU's quarterbacks as their starter right this second. And I think there are at least a few more that would love to have one backup the quality of Marshall Lobbestael or Connor Halliday, let alone both those guys.

What impressed me most about Halliday on Saturday wasn't the laser show coming from his right shoulder. I already knew he could do that -- I saw those throws when he was leading Ferris to the state championship game two years ago. What I didn't know was whether he'd have the requisite command of Todd Sturdy's offense, which relies an incredible amount on the quarterback being able to identify the defense and get the offense into the correct play and protection. In his first start, he looked like an old pro.

Even the biggest Sturdy critic now has to acknowledge this basic fact: Sturdy, who also is the quarterbacks coach, must be one hell of a teacher.

This week's newsletter also included a recap of the soccer team's victory in the NCAA tournament and my preview of Gonzaga-WSU. If you'd like a peek at what you'd be signing up for, shoot me an email at and I'll gladly forward you a complimentary copy of this morning's newsletter so you don't have to miss out on the fun.

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