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WSU Vs. Gonzaga: A Couple Videos To Get You Hyped

With the football team giving us a surprise victory on Saturday coupled with the fact that this is the first basketball game of the season seems to have taken all of the "hate week" vibe out of this match-up.  Even as I wrote a WSU-Gonzaga preview, I still couldn't believe that a game was going to be played tonight. To get us all in the hoops mood for the evening, I present some highlight videos of this rivalry's recent Cougar victories (Never let a Zag fan forget they'd have to beat us 51 times in a row to even up the all-time series).

First, I present to you last year's blowout victory and Klay Thompson's breakout game.  The Cougs held Gonzaga scoreless for the first seven minutes, then used a flurry of three-pointers to bust the game wide open. Kevin Calabro on the call makes this even better.

And after the jump, my most favorite YouTube video of all time (even with all the Brian Davis).

This is probably the most intense atmosphere I've been to at Beasley Coliseum, as it was the first sellout in ten years and the night that Cougar basketball officially became relevant again. Daven's clinching three will always rank as one of favorite sports moments. Look real closely and you'll see a guy in a gray skullcap losing his mind in the stands. That's yours truly. This is pretty much how I always look when watching Cougar sports, even sitting in front of my laptop at home. Needless to say, the girlfriend hangs out in another room and the pets hide under the bed while the game is on.

So enjoy as you wait for the late tip-off on ESPN. Cougar basketball is back!