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WSU Vs. Gonzaga: Open Basketball Game Thread

Well said, sir.
Well said, sir.

Next Game

Washington St. Cougars
@ Gonzaga Bulldogs

Monday, Nov 14, 2011, 8:59 PM PST
McCarthy Athletic Center

WSU Vs. Gonzaga: A Couple Videos To Get You Hyped
WSU Vs. Gonzaga: A First Look At The Bulldogs
VIDEO: Paul Wulff, Ken Bone Meet The Press

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Well, I've already written about 2,000 words on this game today. You can read those by following the links above.

It looks like Reggie Moore is going to play, and Vince Grippi says he seems to be moving OK. Faisal Aden also has been cleared to play. Abe Lodwick likely won't go.

How will DaVonte Lacy perform? He will see plenty of minutes in a big-time environment. Can the freshman maintain composure? How about Dexter Kernich-Drew? Will the athletic Aussie be a factor this season?

There are a lot of unknowns headed into this season, and that is part of the fun. This game can be found on ESPN and ESPN3 (

Go Cougs! Beat the Zags!